EIC ELMs Portfolio Symposium

The EIC identified the Engineered Living Materials as a priority area in March 2020 soon followed with HORIZON-EIC-2021-PATHFINDERCHALLENGES-01-05 Engineered Living Materials call in 2021. Projects funded under the ELMs call and relevant projects funded under subsequent EIC Pathfinder Open calls have joined forces under the supervision of the EIC Programme Manager by forming the EIC ELMs portfolio. The ultimate goal of the EIC ELMs Portfolio is to seize the opportunity to position strategically Europe at the forefront of the ELMs field via specific activities aimed at advancing the platform technologies for ELMs production; at increasing the visibility of the European ELMs community internationally by sharing knowledge and building partnerships; at engaging with regulatory bodies to address ELMs portfolio needs; at addressing ELSA aspects; and at identifying barriers to the future adoption and commercialization of ELMs. To achieve these goals the EIC ELMs portfolio have agreed on a strategic plan, that will be continuously adapted and whose first version has been published.

If you are curious to learn about the exciting science carried out by the EIC ELMs portfolio, please register free of charge with Dr. Ha Pham for the symposium on September 18th. For a sneak peek on the projects, please check them out here.

(please note: ELM participants are asked during the registration process if they want to participate – no need to register separately)